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Welcome, International Students!

Academic success is often connected to students’ emotional well-being and self-esteem. Hannam University International Counseling & Coaching Services (ICCC) focuses on supporting our students in a manner that creates an atmosphere more cohesive for academic and personal growth. Our counselors provide crisis intervention, assessment and individual counseling for all international students in Chinese, Japanese and English as well as Korean.

Official Name/Location of the Service

- International Counseling & Coaching Services (ICCC)

- ICCC Location : LGC Reception Service #206

- Counseling Room : #208

- Coaching Room : #207

Eligibility and Cost

The Hannam University ICCC providing counseling and psychotherapy for all Hannam University international students(Full time) in no cost for 5 sessions and counseling can be extended to 10 sessions when it needed.

Facilities and Counseling Intern

The Hannam University ICCS providing basic facilities and counseling interns for to maximize counseling effects for all Hannam University international students. Counseling interns with linguistic capacity are under subversion for initial interview, intake, safety, counseling process and treatment plans.

Services Provided

1. Crisis Intervention

: When a student is facing a crisis or emergency situation, we encourage them come to the Counseling Center, during our regular daytime hours.

2. Individual Counseling

: Students come into the Counseling Center with a variety of concerns. Feeling homesick& experiencing culture shock, having difficulties getting up and going to classes because of feelings of depression, feeling upset over the break-up of a romantic relationship, having problems with eating, body image and self-esteem.

3. Couple & Group Counseling

: Students/Couple also welcome with theirvariety of concerns.

4. Alcohol/Drug, other Addiction Counseling

: Students may refer themselves to meet with the AOD counselor.

We would like to let you know that you are welcome to come to the HICCS. For further information, check our website and if you want to make an appointment, email or call us.Website: http://www.hmccs.or.kr (On Process)