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Vision of [CK-1] Global Business Innovative Workforce Program

Realize a vision of Hannam University,‘Training students to fit in globalized world’ and a vision of CK-1 Project, ‘contributing to regional community?industry with globalization’

To train students to be an expert in international business through business education and global education, we set our vision to “Training Global Business Elite fit for the regional industry”

Core Strategy of [CK-1] Global Business Innovative Workforce Program : "MOVE"

To educate ‘Global+Business’ effectively, Linton School is reorganized department and reformed curriculum. Also there are various extracurricular programs for students’ globalization.

For that, [CK-1] Global Business Innovative Workforce Program set its core strategy “MOVE", and combined original Global department(Linton Global College) with Management of Information(Business department). A new educational system for business in the Internet era has established with a new department name of Linton School of Global Business.

Composition of Global Education Core Strategy("MOVE")
Core Strategy Main Contents Note
① reorganize the Educational System Matrix Major System Combine the original global department and Management of Information System department, and build a global business educational system in the Internet era.
② expand global programs Overseas Programs
③ expand creative·volunteering programs Volunteering Programs
④ build Enterprise Cooperation System Enterprise Cooperation System

Core Business of [CK-1] Global Business Innovative Workforce Program : “FORWARD"

Expanded and Reformed the original Linton Global College(entrance quota 80, 2 majors) to establish Linton School of Global Business(entrance quota 128, 4 major tracks)

Composition of Global Education Core Business("MOVE")
Core Business Main Contents
Four Major System Arrange 4 business major tracks (International Trade & Marketing, Global Media & PR, Smart Management, Global IT Service)
Open Course-taking System Accept courses taken from other tracks as the principal major credits
Reward Programs Reward a special scholarship for prepared global talented students
Working Abroad Programs Provide working abroad experience
Area Studies Open Global Area Studies including Chinese Area Studies and implement Overseas Practicum, etc.
Regional Industry Collaborations Provide working experience in a field of global marketing at Daedeok Venture corporations
Dreaming Volunteers Programs Provide regional and/or global volunteering opportunities