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General LSGB Information

The Linton School of Global Business (LSGB) provides both Korean and International students with a truly globalized educational experience in Korea. We offer two four year undergraduate degrees in Global Business and Global I.T Business, along with a Postgraduate Global MBA program.   

Within the Global Business degree there are two tracks, International Trade & Marketing and Media & Culture. All of the subjects within these two tracks are taught entirely in English by our International Faculty from North America, Europe and New Zealand / Australia. The Global I.T Business degree is also split into two tracks; Smart Management and I.T Services to ensure students are equipped with the skills and abilities to meet the challenges of a contemporary globalised world.

LSGB offers a selective 4 year bachelor degree program in which both the International Trade & Marketing and Media & Culture majors are entirely taught in English, by predominantly foreign faculty. In addition LSGB students have the opportunity to add specialized expertise in Global IT Management, in the major areas of SMART Management and IT Services, and soon to be launched Global MBA program. Hence, upon graduation LSGB students are equipped with the skills and abilities, to meet the challenges of a contemporary globalised world.

We also have a wide range of Scholarship packages allowing students to participate in study abroad programs. For example groups of students from the LSGB were sent to Cambridge University in the U.K, Harvard University in the U.S and on various research trips to Taipei, New Delhi, Hanoi and other destinations. This were all partially or fully funded by scholarship packages ensuring that it is available to a large cross-section of students.

Students at the LSGB benefit from small class sizes where every Professor knows their names. This means the students get to work on project and problem-based learning systems in groups in order to discover their own talents and interests. Students can also participate in extra-curricular activities at our Global Cafe and through their dormitory.

A world of opportunity and service awaits you at LSGB!