Global IT Business Faculty

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Chair of Global IT Dr. Kwang Yil Park

· Ph.D. Management Information Systems (MIS), Yonsei University, Korea

· M.A. Management Science (MS), Yonsei University, Korea

· B.A. Management Administration, Yonsei University, Korea


Dr. Jay K. Kim

· Ph.D. Business, Seoul National University, Korea

· M.A. Business, Seoul National University, Korea

· B.A. Business, Hannam University, Korea



Dr. Shin-Cheol Kang

· Ph.D. Business, USA Univ. of Nebraska Lincoln

· M.A. Business, USA St.Univ. of New York

· B.A. Business, Korea University, Korea



Dr. Hee-Seok Song

· Ph.D. Management Engineering, KAIST, Korea

· M.A. Management Science, KAIST, Korea

· B.A. Business Administration, Korea University, Korea



Dr. Seok-Jeong Joo

· Ph.D. Business, the Catholic University of Korea

· M.A. Industrial Engineering, Yonsei University, Korea

· B.A. Chemical Engineering, Ajou University, Korea



Dr. Jae Kyung Kim

· Ph.D. Management. USA Univ. of Nebraska - Lincoln

· M.A Business, USA Miami Univ.

· B.A. Business, Ajou University, Korea